ATM software transforming self-service space | ATM Marketplace

In hopes of providing customers with touch-free ways of interacting with ATMs since the onset of COVID-19, banks are looking for software solutions that are more flexible and functional, according to “ATM Software 2021,” a report published from RBR, a research group based in London.

“Banks are seeking solutions that can run on any hardware, allow access via a range of contactless methods, provide a unique, personalized customer experience and keep terminals available round the clock,” Alan Burt of RBR, said a company press release. “Suppliers, therefore, have vast scope to offer banks their expertise and guidance to ensure ATMs meet customers’ needs in a new post-COVID-19 world.”

One example is software that can identify a customer without a debit card and PIN, such as NFC/contactless withdrawals and biometric authentication.

The research also revealed how banks monitor and manage their ATM fleets and how some banks were moving away from using vendor-native software as part of a bundled procurement process when they purchase hardware.

It allows greater flexibility in terms of hardware strategy as deployers often can easily swap between suppliers, which is particularly attractive to those with large ATM fleets spread across vast geographies, Burt said.

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