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One of the most common names seen on ATMs across the United States is Genmega. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company has over 100,000 ATM machines deployed in the field which is impressive given the company is just over 10 years old, founded in 2010. Genmega also has a growing kiosk division and makes products for variety of applications including Bitcoin ATMs.

The most popular Genmega ATM sold by Lieberman Companies is the Genmega 2500. With dimensions of 56.3″ high x 15.8″ wide x 22.3″ deep and a sleek contemporary look, the model fits in most locations and also fits in with the decor. The base model 2500 comes with a 1000 note removable cassette and electronic lock. There are many options that can be added including 2000 note cassette, dual cassettes to run multiple denominations, and a topper for marketing purposes.

A step up from the Genmega 2500 is the Genmega Onyx. The Onyx has the same insides as the 2500 but with a more stylish, user friendly appearance. The screen is 10.2″ wide instead of standard 8″ of the 2500 model. More important, the buttons are fully touch enabled, which makes for easier cleaning and reduces the need to replace buttons on your ATM. Lieberman customers choose the Genmega Onyx for both its appearance and the convenience of the touch enabled buttons.

The Genmega Onyx-W is a popular wall mounted ATM. Sometimes a location lacks floor space or space in general. The Genmega Onyx-W comes in with compact dimensions of 19.7″ high x 26.8″ wide x 10.4″ deep. Despite its smaller size, it still features a 1000 note cassette. The machine conveniently loads from the front so there is no need to have a space behind the ATM for loading purposes.

The Genmega C6000 is another model available from Lieberman Companies. View our full list of available Genmega ATMs here.

Lieberman Distributes Genmega ATMs

One of the best features of Genmega is their VP of Sales, Wes Dunn. Wes has been with Genmega since the beginning and in the ATM industry for over 25 years. Lieberman Companies works closely with Wes Dunn and the Genmega team. If you ever have any questions about Genmega products, reach out to Trina Hokens or Dan Lieberman and we will get answers to any questions you may have.

Lieberman Companies has Genmega ATMs in stock in our warehouse. In case of special orders, we can drop ship to you with little delay. To purchase a Genmega ATM, please contact Dan Lieberman.

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