Do you know where you’re going in 2021? | ATM Marketplace

I am terrible at directions. Since I began driving some 30+ years ago, my family has called me “Magellan” due to the number of occasions I would get lost and turn up at family events later (okay, much later) than expected. When GPS came on the scene and became popular, even I thought my days of getting lost were behind me, but no such luck.

On one trip to attend a friend’s birthday party that was just outside New York City, the disembodied voice on my GPS kept telling me to take the Lincoln Tunnel (I hate the Lincoln Tunnel) but I refused to listen. Arriving late to the party, I explained to my friend what had happened and she just laughed and said, “You do know these things are using satellites to guide you, right? You have trust issues with your GPS.”

She was right, I do have trust issues with my GPS. I like thinking I can get myself from point A to point B without any help (which obviously is not the case). I believe this happens in business too. In a lot of the reports and news briefs I read for this publication, it seems that there are businesses in our industry struggling with a few trust issues of their own on the best road to take for the future.

What are you using to lead you through the last weeks of 2020 and into 2021? What is your guidance system? Is it your board of directors? Your customers? Surveys? A Magic Eight Ball? Fortunately for the ATM industry, we have two great organizations that can help guide you through these difficult days: the ATMIA and the NAC. If you’re part of this industry and not a member of one or both, consider this friendly advice to join for the new year.

The ATMIA hosts webinars, offers career help, conferences and market research galore to help you navigate any speedbumps that you could possibly encounter in this industry. They have resources and events, member blogs, presentations, white papers, and best practices, all for the taking for its members. And, most importantly, they are strong advocates for this industry and for the use of cash itself. If you don’t belong, it’s a lot like having the top-of-the-line GPS but never taking it out of the box and turning it on. Their staff has always been tremendously supportive and helpful to this publication and I urge you if you have a concern and you’re not sure what to do, they are a great resource. Take a look at its website and see for yourself the wealth of information available.

We also have the National ATM Council. They also have a vast array of services for members including industry news, events resources and a vendor directory. They also believe in advocating for this industry and have been a great source of support to this publication, so consider checking out their website to find out more.

These are just two key “guidance systems” we have in this industry, (three, if you count ATM Marketplace ), to help you navigate through this time and into the new year. By trusting in the knowledge and expertise available, you’ll always be on the right path for whatever area you belong to in the ATM industry.

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