Dolphin Debit offers next generation ATM locator technology | ATM Marketplace

Dolphin Debit, a full-service ATM management company, has announced next generation ATM locator technology via a Wave2 locator.

The tool helps banks and credit unions simplify and enhance their location search and mapping functionality promoting branches and ATMs, retail locations, shared services, and multiple surcharge-free ATM networks, all in one user experience.

Rather than send users to third-party websites, the Wave2 Locator displays a presentation of branches, ATMs, surcharge-free ATM networks, and shared branches. The display shows live hours, features, restrictions, photos, street views, scheduling integration, and COVID alerts — all within the bank’s or credit union’s own web and mobile platforms.

“We’re excited about offering this tool to our clients,” Gary Walston, Dolphin Debit CEO, said in the release. “With the Wave2 Locator, banks and credit unions can bring all of their third-party location data together into one platform, making it easier for them to manage and gain greater insight into users’ behavior and experience.”

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