Feds: ATM skimming scheme targeted banks nationwide, including in CT

Dragusin, also known as Georgio Anderini, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud and aggravated identity theft on Aug. 23, 2019.

Prosecutors said in pleading guilty, Dragusin admitted he installed and removed ATM skimming equipment at several bank branches in Connecticut. Officials said Dragusin also admitted that between March and September 2018, he was involved in ATM skimming activity in Nevada, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and California. Authorities said multiple banks suffered losses totaling more than $645,000.

Dragusin has been detained since he was arrested in September 2018 Hayward, Calif.

Between February and June 2017, a Connecticut bank reported about 35 incidents of ATM skimming at locations in Stratford, Monroe, Trumbull, Greenwich, Fairfield and other areas, federal prosecutors said.

As part of the scheme, conspiracy members placed skimming devices on ATMs to get account and PIN numbers from customers. Those involved in the scheme then used the information to make substitute ATM cards and got money and made purchases using those cards.

Authorities said the bank suffered about $286,069 in losses through the scheme.

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