GTK intros touchless hygienic touchscreens | ATM Marketplace

GTK has launched a touchless user interface for original equipment manufacturers. The interface requires no direct physical contact by the end user, according to a press release.

Partnering with TouchNetix on this project, GTK is using the aXiom IC developed by TouchNetix that uses sensors to detect a user’s hand inches away from the screen. The touchscreens can be used intuitively by holding a finger away from the screen and using gestures commonly used with traditional touchscreens, such as tapping, flicking and swiping.

“It can be used with color and mono displays, and OEMs can customize their UI to use a combination of different gestures that best suit their end application. The touchscreens can also still be used in traditional touch format if required,” Clive Dickinson, business manager for displays at GTK, said in the release.

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