GUIDE: How to Register Online For a UnionBank Savings Account + Get the ATM Card!

Going to the bank to apply for a savings account can take too much of your time; but what if we told you that there’s a way on how you can register online for a UnionBank savings account?

Yes, the UnionBank of the Philippines – otherwise known as UnionBank, is allowing people to register online for a UnionBank savings account!

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So, stay tuned! We’ll be detailing the steps on what you need to do to register.

By the end of this guide, you’ll already be registered! Yes, it’s that easy!

Why You Should Register For a UnionBank Savings Account Online

Some of the main features of a UnionBank savings account include:

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How Do I Register For a UnionBank Savings Account Online?

First things first – in order for you to register online, you need to download the UnionBank app.

Downloading the App

It’s downloadable from both the App Store and the Google Play Store. It’s less than 100MB so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Once you’re able to download, head onto the app and start the registration.

Registration Procedure

There are a couple of points you can take note of that would absolutely be helpful in your journey. They include:

Once you accomplish all those steps, you’ll be sent an email to the email address you used in registering.

Your account will then be activated within 24 to 72 hours from the time you complete the application.

Don’t worry, you will receive an email that would tell you if it’s already active or not – so don’t fret!


You don’t need to visit any branch, you don’t need to be in queue for hours; and most importantly, you don’t need appearance! The verification is via selfie and it’s just so convenient!

Documentary Requirements Accepted

During the first phases of your registration, if you remember, you received a prompt that dictates the IDs and documents they accept.

These include:

Requesting for the Debit Card

Now that you were able to successfully register online or the UnionBank savings account, wouldn’t it be better if you have the ATM card?

Here are the steps you can take to request or order the ATM card:

NOTE: This is for free. You don’t have to pay for anything to get a debit card. If people approach you saying that they’ll help you get the card and they’re asking for payment, decline. It’s easy, and we’ll teach you how you can get it.

NOTE: You can choose to have it delivered to the current address you’ve put when you registered for the UnionBank savings account.

Once successful, it’ll give you the prompt that your UnionBank Debit Card for your personal savings will be delivered in five (5) to ten (10) banking days.

On regular days, it comes at about the 8th day (including weekends). But if you’re going to apply for it during the holidays, things might be different.

Don’t Waste Time – Apply Now!

That’s how easy it is to register online for a UnionBank savings account! Also, requesting for the debit card is also simple and easy.

If you’re looking to get a bank account without endangering your health, don’t hesitate to apply or register online for a UnionBank savings account!

All you have to do is to download the app and go from there!

As of the moment, UnionBank is accepting hundreds of applicants per day. Don’t worry! You’ll surely be accommodated!

What do you think of the procedure of registration for a UnionBank Savings Account online? Is it easy? Is it difficult and challenging? Or is it something you can do in your spare time?

It won’t take you ten (10) minutes to register! After that, it’ll only be waiting and waiting!

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