Honest Man Returns $27,000 In Cash Somebody Left Behind By Mistake Near ATM

You can’t put a price tag on honor, no matter how much money is in question. George Condash from Westland, Michigan, did the honorable thing in January 2021 and returned $27,000 that was left near an ATM by mistake. A security guard had accidentally left the box behind while unloading the cash from an armored truck.

Security footage from Westland Federal Credit Union shows the moment Condash came across the black box lying in the middle of the street next to the drive-thru ATM. The good Samaritan wanted to move the item out of the way of traffic, so he got out of his car and walked over to it. He inspected the box and saw a tag that stated there was $40,000 inside. Immediately, Condash took the box into the credit union and handed it to the teller behind the counter.

Upon further inspection, the box was not full and only contained $27,000, but that still would have been a substantial amount for the credit union to lose. That much money could have also changed Condash’s life had he decided to keep it. Instead, he showed that he has integrity and returned the money back to where it belonged.

Condash said he never once considered keeping the money, but he did inquire about a possible reward after returning the box. Money has the power to corrupt people if they are not careful. Most people, if faced with the same dilemma, might not have been able to give up $27,000. Condash’s actions showed that money is just money, and there is no excuse not to do the right thing. 

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Even before he realized the box contained anything valuable, Condash was already doing a good deed. He told WDIV news station, “I drove right around here and it was sitting about right here. Well, first, I just thought it was trash. For some reason it hit me that, ‘Why don’t I just pick this up so no one else has to swerve around it?'” Clearly, helping others comes naturally for Condash.

After taking a closer look at the outside of the box, Condash was in for quite the surprise. “I picked it up and noticed a tag stating that there was $40K (inside),” he said in the same interview. The box only contained $27,000, but that is still a staggering amount of money to find lying on the side of the road.

Westland Federal Credit Union is fortunate that it was Condash who found the box and not someone with less integrity. “It’s not mine, and any honest person, I would hope, would take it back in,” the man said. Hopefully, other people would act as honestly as Condash did, but there is no way to know for sure.

The staff behind the counter of the credit union were in for a shock after Condash walked in with the box. “I said, ‘Is there a reward for $40,000,’ and I put it on their counter and they just looked dumbfounded,” Condash recalled. It seems the bank wasn’t even aware the money was missing before it was returned. Fortunately, because the money was found, no one at the credit union was in trouble for the security guard’s mistake. 


Bank manager, Alicia Stewart, spoke with WDIV as well and said, “It could have ended in a very different way for us. But Mr. Condash was very honest and a good person to return the money, so we appreciate that very much.” Stewart gave Condash an undisclosed amount of money for his heroic actions.

Such a large sum of money could drastically change most people’s lives. However, that temptation did not enter Condash’s mind for one good reason. “Twenty-seven thousand? Yeah, that’d be great,” he said in the same interview. “But really, what’s it gonna get you? Then you’d probably feel guilty the rest of your life with it.” 

Condash is an incredibly humble and trustworthy person. When asked by Inside Edition if he ever considered taking the money and running, the man replied: “Never once. I just returned money, that’s all I did. I think anybody would do it.” Condash seemed sure he did nothing special and anyone else would do the same in his situation. 

Over a million people viewed the coverage of Condash’s good deed on YouTube and not everyone agrees that they would have made the same choice. One person commented under the video, “I would have been on the evening news: ‘Has anyone seen this man?’” It may be a joke, but 123 other people liked the comment in agreement. 

Other viewers felt that Condash did the honorable thing. “We need more people like him,” one commenter wrote. Another added, “God bless this man he deserves more.” Many people in the comments section agreed that Condash deserved a hefty reward for his decision to return the money.

Do you think Condash deserved a reward for doing a good deed? What would you have done in this situation? Let us know what you think, and be sure to pass this story on to your loved ones.

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