Hyderabad Man Runs ‘Rice ATM’ & Gives Free Ration To The Poor

This year, there have been people who inspired us with their selfless actions. As the nationwide lockdown caused severe distress to the poor, many used the power of social media, spent their savings, and used their privilege to help the less fortunate. One of such people is Ramu Dosapati.

Ramu Dosapati runs a 24×7 ‘Rice ATM’ in LB Nagar, Hyderabad, which provides free ration to the poor and the needy. He has been running this initiative since April, feeding 200-300 families every day. Till date, he has helped over 25,000 families, reports Telangana Today.

ఇంట్లో సంపాదించే ఒక్క మనిషి మంచానికి పరిమితమై మందులు కొనటానికి ఇబ్బంది అవుతుంది.
ఇల్లు గడవడం కష్టంగా ఉండి మన RICE ATM కి వచ్చిన సోదరీమణులకు మన చిన్న సాయం #riceatm pic.twitter.com/Ly8fEA7wEF

— Ramu Dosapati (@dsramu) December 12, 2020

An incident in the past inspired him to start this initiative. One day, after the lockdown was imposed, he went to a nearby shop to buy chicken for his son. At the shop, he came across a security guard who was purchasing chicken worth Rs 2,000. When he asked her about it, she said that it was for the migrant workers who were sheltered nearby.

When Ramu asked her how much her salary is, her reply was Rs 6,000.

“That made me think that if a lady with  Rs 6,000 salary can spend Rs 2,000 on the needy, why can’t I do the same?”

కన్న బిడ్డలను పెద్ద చదువులు చదివించలేదు , ఆస్థులు కూడబెట్ట లేదు వాళ్ళ కష్టం తినే అర్హత లేదు అని ఇక్కడ కష్టం చేసుకొని బతుకుతున్నరు. అనుకోకుండా వచ్చిన కాళ్ళ నొప్పులు పని చేయనివ్వట్లేదు. రేషన్ బియ్యం అయినా నాపిల్లలు తిననివ్వు అని తను 5రూపాయలకు కొనుక్కొని తింటున్న మాతృమూర్తి 🙏 pic.twitter.com/JGE3JutWvZ

According to The Business Insider, Ramu along with the security guard tracked down 192 migrant workers who needed food. He went on to use his savings of Rs 1.5 lakhs to arrange grocery for them. But that only lasted for a few days.

He partnered with a local grocery store and asked them to provide ration. He broke his provident fund to pay for the same.

BBCలో వచ్చిన RICE ATM కథనంతో నగరం నలు మూలల నుండి వచ్చిన ఎందరో … ఎంత వడపోసినా 200 కు పైగా కుటుంబాలకి ఈ రోజు ఆసరాగా ఉండగలిగాం 🙏 pic.twitter.com/RkAh49Jlky

— Ramu Dosapati (@dsramu) December 19, 2020

As word spread and more people started appearing at his doorstep asking for help, he was in a financial dilemma. However, with the support of his wife, he decided to let go of his dream of owning a 3 BHK flat and used the money he had saved up for it (Rs 38.5 lakhs) to buy more groceries.

Today, nobody goes back empty-handed from the ‘Rice ATM’, even when Ramu is absent from the premises!

— Ramu Dosapati (@dsramu) December 15, 2020

Here’s a video of Ramu Dosapati talking about his initiative:

— Ramu Dosapati (@dsramu) December 22, 2020

It is because of people like Ramu Dosapati that many poor families don’t have to sleep hungry. We salute him for his selflessness!

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