RBR report puts NCR as global leader in restaurant POS software | ATM Marketplace

NCR Corp. leads the global restaurant point-of-sale software market according to research and consulting firm RBR. The GlobalPOSSoftware2020Reportconducted by RBR indicates that NCR POS software has a 25% market share in the restaurant segment, according to a press release.

NCR’s POS software for restaurants features the company’s signature NCR Aloha POS platform, Aloha Essentials subscription package and the NCR Silver Pro to help restaurants run their business, boost efficiency and increase growth.

“NCR software helps our customers run the restaurant,” said Dirk Izzo, president and general manager, NCR Hospitality. “The pandemic has made digital transformation a necessity, and for restaurants that increasingly means using software to stand up and optimize mobile ordering and payment, curbside and drive-through capabilities, all while providing great customer experiences,” said Izzo in the release.

The Global POS Software 2020 Report is based on analysis of more than 2,000 projects, by more than 100 vendors and comprising 8 million POS installations. The report includes commentary and insights into the grocery, general merchandise and hospitality segments, at an individual country level.

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