Texas Man Arrested After Breaking Into ATM In Broken Arrow, 1 Suspect At Large

Broken Arrow detectives are searching for a second person involved in stealing money from a bank ATM. According to officers, one suspect is already in the Tulsa County Jail and is facing several felony charges.

Officers say surveillance video shows two people using a truck to ram the ATM before using a crowbar to pry the door open, before taking off with the stolen money.

Titus Bedford is in the Tulsa County Jail right on Wednesday. Officers say after Bedford and another person broke into the ATM, they stole cash boxes and ran away from the bank, leaving behind a stolen truck.

Police say about a mile away from the bank Bedford dropped a cell phone pin for a ride-share service asking the driver to take him to Texas for $400 cash.

The rideshare driver said that Bedford was muddy, had a lot of money in his pockets and was acting suspicious, so she contacted a friend and asked them to call the police.

“Because his clothing and the request to drive all the way down to Dallas. She was able to contact law enforcement and we were able to contact her, pull her over, and find out that yeah this guy had a large amount of cash from this burglary and he later admitted so,” said Officer Chris Walker from the Broken Arrow Police Department.

Tulsa Federal Credit Union said that they are insured for the damage done to the ATM and the several thousands of dollars that was stolen

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