Tulsa Police Search For Suspect After ATM Theft Leads To Chase

Tulsa Police say they are looking for a man who robbed several ATMs and then led officers on a chase early Thursday morning. Tulsa Police told News On 6 the ATM at the Communication Federal Credit Union on 31st and Sheridan is possibly the fifth ATM this suspect has hit between Tuesday night through Thursday morning.

Police say around 2 a.m. Thursday they were called for an ATM alarm trip near 31st and Sheridan and immediately sent several units that way since they were already on the lookout for someone stealing money out of ATMs.

They say multiple Tulsa Police officers started chasing a stolen white Ford F-150 towards Sand Springs until they got to 6th and Ridge Dr. where the driver crashed into a tree and jumped out of the truck. Officers brought out a K9 unit and police helicopter, but they say have not been able to find him.

It is important to note, there are chains wrapped around the back trailer hitch of the truck. According to TPD, the suspect is hooking the chains up to the ATMs, pulling off the front panel, and then stealing the money.

Tulsa Police Captain Jarrod Hart said the suspect has not always been successful in getting money out of the machines that he breaks, but tonight he was. They do not know how much money the suspect got away with.

“Tonight it seemed they did get some money, as we were in a pursuit there were bills flying out of the car so we are assuming they got some money,” Hart said.

TPD said it is possible that the driver is stealing trucks for the robberies, taking money, and then leaving in a different car from the scene.

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