UV-C light device for ATM keypads kills bacteria, viruses | ATM Marketplace

San Francisco-based ATM manufacturer, Genmega introduces Vscan, a UV-C light device that kills up to 99% of bacteria and viruses on ATM keypads, sanitizing it following every use, according to report on ABC7 television.

Cardholders simply conduct their ATM transactions as usual, but once the internal ATM system indicates to the user to take back their card, Vscan is activated and comes over the keypad, disinfecting it in a single pass.

“The main thing for us was instilling consumer confidence and making sure that the person at that ATM knows that it’s sanitized,” Wes Dunn, executive vice president, sales and marketing for Genmega said to the news outlet. “Because UV-C is potentially harmful to the skin, to the eyes etc., we went to great lengths to find out what can we do to use UV-C to make sure that it’s sanitized, but that the cardholders safe.”

According to Dunn, Genmega developed additional safety mechanisms on Vscan to protect customers.

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