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Financial institutions are struggling to adapt to a changing landscape. The pandemic only sped up existing trends of customers preferring digital options and 24/7 banking. So how do FIs keep up with these demands and make their branches more impactful? A webinar hosted on ATM Marketplace and sponsored by NCR Corp. entitled “Non-traditional branches: A new approach for a changing world” addressed this topic.

Bradley Cooper, editor of ATM Marketplace moderated the webinar with panelist Andrew Aceto, director of industry marketing at NCR. Aceto shared both information on banking trends and examples of how banks have adapted their branches to address these trends.

First, Aceto addressed how customers expert personalized help when it comes to finance management, and they will interact with multiple devices and applications to get their needs met.

Banks aren’t just facing challenges from consumer behaviors. They are also facing other challenges such as regulatory changes, the rise of fintech, economic crises and more.

“How do financial institutions keep up with these changes while still offering their customers exceptional branch experiences?” Aceto said during the webinar. “The solution is to offer services in locations that suit consumer’s needs around the clock.”

Aceto emphasized that even with these changes, branches are still important, as they start relationships, drive growths in deposits and act as a cornerstone for the brand. However, in order to change with the times, branches are evolving as well in a variety of ways.

The branches are automating “everyday transactions,” Aceto said, so that staff can take a more advisory and sales role. They are also delivering services that meet customers where they are, through tools such as ITMs, free-standing drive-ups and more.

During the presentation, Aceto showed off a variety of banks that are innovating their branches. These branches feature tools such as:

To hear more insights into this topic, click here to listen to the presentation in its entirety.

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