Winners announced for Bank Customer Experience Awards | ATM Marketplace

The winners of the Bank Customer Experience Awards were officially announced at the awards show during the Bank Customer Experience Summit, held in Chicago from Sept. 13 to 15. These awards honor innovators in the financial industry that deliver innovative customer experiences.

The winders included:

Auriga’s #NextGenBranch features a variety of technologies, including video banking ATMs, AI and automation tools. For example, customers can perform tasks such as payments, check cashing or bank transfers at an ATM or do a video call with a teller for assistance. All of the banking channels are on a single software solution to deliver an omnichannel experience.

The Industrial Bank Flagship is a redesigned bank branch, which combines a warm approachable space with technology to meet customer’s needs. On the technology side, the branch offers a smart table, digital community wall, digital coffee table, QR codes and a facial recognition system, while on the design side, it offers a curved wall, self-irrigating green wall to purify the air and Smart Glass for altering light transmission.

The Clicks-to-Bricks experience, which was created by First National Bank, delivers a personalized banking platform that combines elements of branch, online and mobile experiences. The solution ahs three main facets: shop, buy and engage. During the shop phase, customers can browse and learn about products and in the buy phase, customers can apply for and open accounts on their phone, tablet and computer. With the engage phase, customers can customize their experience through selection tools, help options and knowledge centers.

Lastly, Moxtra’s OneStop Customer Portal acts as a customer engagement tool to help organizations gain and retain customers. The portal itself delivers an in-person style experience with tools such as text, voice and video messaging, document collaboration, video meetings, screen sharing, digital signature, ePaper trials and more.

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s BCX awards.

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